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Bills Printing Solutions

Reach your clients with industry proven methodologies and make your customer communication stand out.

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Digital Customer Communication

Connect with your clients in the digital world and deliver a unique customer communication that suits your clients’ persona.

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Document Management Solution

Ensure all documents are digitally managed and organized without compromising security and privacy.

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Communication starts by reaching the right audiences, the right time, the right way. As such, it lay the foundations for strong relationships that could lead to solid, long-lasting partnerships.


Consistent communications forge stronger connections that nurtures both ePDS' Service Expertise as well as capabilities that complement the changing needs of clients.


Changing business needs and dynamics require the flexibility to adapt to new challenges. Actively engaging with customers and clients enables the discovery of new effective ways to collaborate,   operate, and deliver value.

Join us as we launch Doctrieve, a SAAS-based content management solution designed to managed end-to-end lifecycle of enterprise content. Fortified by ePLDT cybersecurity solutions ensuring all documents stored are digitally safe.

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