Elevating the standard of printing in the digital age

(L-R) Lum Kum Weng, General Manager of DataPost; Cho Tat Lim, COO of the BPO Group of JK Tech Holdings; Tettet Tangco, EVP and General Manager of ePDS, Inc.; Eric Alberto, CEO of ePLDT, Inc. and Chief Revenue Officer of PLDT Group; Nerisse Ramos, ePLDT Group Chief Operating Officer and President of ePDS, Inc.; and Jovy Hernandez, First Vice President and Head of PLDT Enterprise attend the recent inauguration of ePDS, Inc.’s new office and launch of the new company logo in Brgy. Magallanes, Makati City.


Many organizations in the country are reassessing their day-to-day operations to join the wave in digital transformation (DX). As the International Data Company (IDC) sees it, there will be more Filipino companies elevating their DX journey at an unprecedented level by 2020 as offering digitally transformed solutions and experiences becomes an important measure of market success.

While companies are shifting to digital by going paperless, some customers would want to complement this approach with the physical form. In fact, a survey<http://www.twosidesna.org/US/Most-US-Consumers-Want-the-Option-to-Receive-Paper-Bills-and-Statements&gt; conducted by Toluna revealed that majority of U.S. consumers want to have an option to receive their bills and statements on paper. Six in 10 consumers say that they would not choose a provider that does not offer paper bills and statements.

“Many organizations from different industries are in a constant pressure to promote paperless transactions, mainly because e-billing offers tremendous convenience,” said Nerisse Ramos, ePDS President and ePLDT Group Chief Operating Officer. “However, while electronic documents have become the lifeblood of modern enterprises, many customers would still opt to receive paper bills and statements in its actual form and , in some cases, will delay payments if paper statements are not received. ”

While print remains to be relevant transition to digital is already on an upswing. Data printing and document management services are both vital in ensuring customer trust and business continuity. This is why ePDS, Inc., a local leader in Document Management Services (DMS) and Customer Communications Management Solutions, recently expanded its capabilities by opening its new office in Brgy. Magallanes, Makati City to help customers in the Philippines resolve their need to outsource the management of a portion of if not the whole business process related to customer communications.

With the new headquarters in place, ePDS is now equipped with more capacity and capability that improve workflow and seamless customer services—which are critical for companies that have specific requirements in reaching their customers. These services include Document management, data formatting and printing, automated intelligent mail processing, letter-shopping, data archiving, check imaging, electronic bills presentment and e-mail delivery services.

According to Minetta Tangco, EVP and General Manager of ePDS, the new facility will enable the company to meet the growing demands of its customer base, particularly their need for a more optimized data printing and DMS requirements.

“Because of the bigger space, we are now able to accommodate more machines, which meant more capacity for us to cover the increasing volumes of our clients and at the same time meet our client commitments as scheduled,” Tangco said. “This will allow us to have a smoother flow of our production process and opportunity to provide innovative services that will complement our current data printing service portfolio from fulfillment to data management.”

On top of ePDS’ complete roster of customer communication services, the company can also help customers preserve important files such as books of accounts and other accounting records in compliance with the BIR Revenue Regulation No. 5-2014. This provision requires taxpayers to preserve their accounting records for 10 years ‘reckoned following the deadline in filing a return, or if filed after the deadline, from the date of the filing of the return, for the taxable year when the last entry was made in the books of accounts.’

What’s more, ePDS customers can also enjoy data encoding using their own system and resources, which is critical during natural or man-made disasters.

Tangco concluded, “It is with much confidence that we truly claim that ePDS will indeed become every company’s top choice when it comes to customer communication.”

ePDS is an ePLDT company that supports clients by offering variable data printing and mail processing and document management solutions through a wide range of media output. This includes physical, digital archives, e-mail, short message service (SMS) and online web pages.

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