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Natural disasters are a crucial threat for it is unpredictable and affects massive damage to your business, losing valuable records and documents show the vulnerability of security, but with digitization, a business can attain more than just the protection of documents.


The Philippines is ranked third in the 2017 World Risk Index (WRI) of most disaster-prone countries in the world, scoring 27.69% and also ranked third on the 2017 WRI’s list of countries with the greatest exposure to natural disasters, with a score of 52.46%. 


An average of 20 typhoons per year enters the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Manila is vulnerable from floodings since Manila has a poor institutional and societal capacity to manage, respond, and recover from natural hazard events.


In the case of fire incidents, according to the 2017 Consolidated Report of the Association of Safety Practitioners of the Philippines, Inc. (ASSPI), 4,645 cases of fire incidents occurred in NCR. 305 cases or 6.6% are from businesses.


The Philippines is also never safe from Earthquakes. The West Valley Fault is known for traversing various parts of Metro Manila and surrounding provinces, and it is said that this faultline can strike the “Big One” once it moves.


It is said, the Philippines rests in the Pacific Typhoon Belt, and Pacific’s Earthquake and Volcano Ring of Fire.


The impact of natural disasters like fire or flood can leave a permanent mark on a business. The Loss of Assets can bring lasting damage such as loss of business properties or productivity loss. Recovering takes a lot of time and money that may result in bankruptcy or worse, shutting down of business. 


Disasters are an alarming threat to businesses that put your company at risk, therefore advance solutions implemented before threats happen are a great benefit for the business since it lessens the impact of any disasters. 


Jumping to document digitization is an advantage that can protect your business from disasters. This involves converting physical documents such as HR 201 files, Legal Documents, Financial Documents, Business Reports, Business Letters, and Invoices, into a digital document storing in a document management software. Moreover,  digitizing documents will enable businesses to protect documents from disasters; improve compliance with the Data Privacy Act; and allows faster retrieval of documents. 


ePDS, Inc. aims to help clients begin their digital transformation journey by starting in document digitization, it is the first step to achieve a successful transformation. Document digitization is the process of converting paper-based document to a digital document with a scanner or a camera and encoding key information for easy archival and retrieval.


Make your documents disaster-proof with ePDS Document Management Solutions to ensure the security of every file from theft, loss, or even natural and man-made disasters yet accessible and easy to use as it is digitally managed and stored. It is not just an advantage but an opportunity on keeping up with the modernized system of handling documents and improving efficiency and productivity.

For 16 years, ePDS, Inc. an ePLDT company (the digital enterprise enabler of PLDT), has been supporting its clients in providing document imaging, indexing, processing, and document management software. For more information about their services, visit

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