6 Common Problems HR Practitioners Goes Through All The Time


HR Department plays a big role in every company. This department handles the most valuable asset, every organization has, its employees. Its job doesn’t stop at hiring an employee and coming up with engagement activities, but it is a continuous work of delivering and updating employee compensation, requests, benefits, and training and development.


HR has plenty of challenges to face; one of these is the problem against managing the documents. Most of the HR works revolve around document records; including HR 201 Files, Request Forms, Leave forms, Daily Time Record, Payroll etc. Thus, providing the right and appropriate tools to this department will lessen the dilemma of work compelled to its employees.


These are the dilemmas HR encounters:


  • Long Retrieval Process

The retrieval of physical documents may be the most challenging stage of processing records. It consumes 2.5 hours of a day or 30% of working hours per week is wasted in searching a piece of information according to IDC. This is a common dilemma among HR employees that cuts down productivity.


  • Paper works all the time

Not all HR employees have the same delegation working with physical documents in the HR Organization Structure. But working with a bunch of records are still inevitable. Dealing with physical documents long enough may result in; worn out or crumpled documents, misplacement, and puts your company from unwanted eyes due to data privacy/regulatory compliance.


  • Paper all over the place

Some people can still work well with a messy workstation, but most people are easily distracted with unorganized desk due to chaotic documents and unnecessary items. According to the study, “Working in a clean and tidy working environment means you are less likely to be distracted by objects cluttering up a work-space, hence clean offices can lead to increased focus”. This is one factor that affects the cost and productivity of HR employees.


  • Security/Authorized Personnel Control

Security in every organization is a must. Every vital document, especially personal records, has to be stored in a secured facility, either physically or digitally. Any data breach and risk of unauthorized processing of personal sensitive information could place a company to face a fine not lower than 500,000 php to 4M php, according to the National Privacy Act of 2012 by National Privacy Commission.

The best way to secure your assets is by assigning authorized users to limit access to software and facilities. Using passwords, username-level authorizations and group policies on Document Management Software could minimize the access of unauthorized employees. Physically securing valuable equipment can be accomplished through locks, cables, and prudent equipment placement.


  • On-time Document Submission

The mismanaged document is one factor in delivering late submission of requirements. The failure to file documents properly is inefficient and practically costly. And by cost, we mean the time that is wasted doing unnecessary things that could be avoided by appropriate filing; like prolonged retrieving of records, finding unsure information, and continuous duplication of documents. Having a well-organized filing system creates an easier, seamless and efficient workflow producing a better result. Remember, ‘Filing is an important skill!’


  • Complicated Document Searching

The rapid change in technology has vastly changed the way we access information from the internet. Unfortunately, a large number of companies still do not acquire the proper tool that quickly reads certain information inside a document that leads to difficulty in searching and retrieving. HR employees, dealing with a large number of records, appeal to utilize appropriate tools to process documents in an easier and smoother transaction. Giving more time to focus on more important matters.

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