Data Printing

ePDS Data Printing Service provides fast printing solution for pre formatted data using highly advanced variable printers that provides flexibility by allowing simplex and duplex printing across different paper sizes. The service is further enhanced by its automated and intelligent enveloping machines capable of inserting mail packs in a fast and efficient manner.

Automated Enveloping

ePDS uses fast and intelligent mail insertion of documents with more than seven physical pages. ePDS clients are assured of accurate mail insertion with the PB enveloping machines. Inserts can go as many as seven and can be inserted in generic or selective basis. Likewise, ePDS allows for automated mail insertion of cut-sheet or continuous form feed using its other Pitney Bowes enveloping machines.

Finishing Services

Is a value added service that completes the Data Printing and Enveloping Services of ePDS through cutting, bursting, folding, inserting, letter shopping, sorting, sealing, stamping, sticking, gum labelling, binding, eye letting, stapling, wrapping, and other related services.


Supply of materials for Data Printing and Enveloping and may include pre-printed stationeries, envelopes, and other 3rd party printed materials.

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