Managed Services

Ensure your Document Management projects are on the right hands. ePDS Managed Service covers day to day management and operations associated with document imaging, indexing, and processing. ePDS strictly follows industry standard best practices and specifications and is further enhanced by its customized tools to ensure efficient and effective management in an on premise or off premise setting.

Document Management Software

Ensure all your documents are organized and easily accessible without compromising security and privacy. ePDoctrieve is a copyrighted document management software by ePDS developed to help organizations in different sizes to manage, organize, secure, archive and retrieve documents in real time.

A document management software (DMS) especially developed by ePDS for clients who have specific requirements for storing and managing electronic documents and digital images of physical documents. Through this customized software application system, organizations can create a single centralized digital repository of all their electronic and digitized physical documents.

User Roles & Security

The system provides choices of different user security roles ranging from read only to System Administrator to provide an appropriate level of user access permissions for workers at all levels.

Document Version Control

This software provides: check in check out feature preventing documents from being overwritten or deleted as documents are updated by more than one party.

Records Management

The system manages both short term and long term working and archived documents. Advanced Record retention and disposition policies for both electronic and paper based records can be defined in the system.

Audit Logging & Tracking

The system tracks and records every user activity to ensure a complete audit trail of document activity in the software. This document auditing capability ensures compliance and protects intellectual property.

Reporting & Document Compliance

The document management system comes with many built in reports to give users and administrators information about the usage of documents and users.

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